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OncoQuest Inc. (“OncoQuest”) is a Canadian biotechnology company, developing and commercializing products for the treatment of cancer. OncoQuest is a clinical stage company, focused on combinatorial immunotherapeutic approaches to cancer by using either immunoglobulin G or E (IgG or IgE) and chemotherapy or immune-adjuvant or photodynamic therapy to enhance tumor specific immunity and clinical outcomes.

Clinical trials involving OncoQuest’s lead product, Oregovomab, in more than 950 ovarian cancer patients indicate that chemo-enhanced immunotherapy leads to vigorous cellular immune response relative to the response of mono immunotherapy.

OncoQuest has recently completed enrollment in a risk mitigating confirmatory clinical trial involving 80 ovarian cancer patients from 13 treatment centers in Italy and U.S. The Company is also studying Oregovomab clinically in combination with chemotherapy and radiotherapy in CA125 positive pancreatic cancer patients, and plans a combinatorial study with the immune stimulator, Hiltonol™ (a TLR3 agonist) in conjunction with standard chemotherapy in ovarian cancer patients. OncoQuest anticipates the completion of these clinical studies and associated preclinical studies further exploring combinations with immune checkpoint inhibitors will not only serve to validate the superiority of the combinatorial approach but will also establish a definitive registration path for the company's portfolio of antigen specific antibody products.

The Company’s MUC1 program has already undergone a phase I clinical trial and has the potential to permit tumor specific immunization in more than 70% of all life threatening cancers. OncoQuest has also partnered with Oncovir Inc. to assess immune stimulatory effects of the addition of Hiltonol (a TLR3 agonist), to further optimize chemo-immunotherapy of cancer. In addition, OncoQuest has preclinical evidence demonstrating that the immune response to tumor cells can also be potentiated by photodynamic therapy with OncoQuest’s proprietary drug Hypocrellin-B.

OncoQuest’s second generation products are based on molecular constructs derived from epsilon immunoglobulin (IgE) licensed from UCLA, Stanford University, and Advanced Immune Therapeutics. These antigen specific monoclonal IgE antibodies are currently under preclinical development. Not only do they induce potent cellular immunity but they also sensitize IgE effector cells to directly attack cancer cells and modify the associated solid tumor stroma.

OncoQuest’s technology is supported by an experienced management team, a global network of collaborators, an extensive patent portfolio and considerable scientific, and clinical publications in peer reviewed journals.

OncoQuest’s recent partnership with Shenzhen Hepalink Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., a China based global pharmaceutical company, provides $ 13,000,000 (U.S.) for the Company to accelerate progress in the development of this scientifically, clinically and commercially important approach to cancer management as combinatorial immunotherapy becomes a primary component of cancer treatment. In addition, OncoQuest has established a Joint Venture with Shenzhen Hepalink to develop immunotherapeutic products for the Greater China market. This joint venture will be managed by Dr. Eric Shi (Professor of Oncology, Nanjing Medical University) and will have a registered capital of $ 9,259,259 (U.S.).