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Products Under Development * Overview

There has been a paradigm shifting advance in the understanding of immune regulation and Immuno-Oncology in the solid cancer field.

Initial studies with antibodies blocking immune inhibitory pathways CTLA-4 and PD-1 were found to bring unprecedented reversals of cancer progression in melanoma. That has now extended to other solid tumors including non-small cell lung cancer and renal cell carcinoma resulting in rapid regulatory approval of products in all these indications. Despite unprecedented success for some patients with advanced solid tumors, the majority of people treated with checkpoint inhibitors do not respond. OncoQuest’s technology when utilized in an intelligent scheduled and coordinated fashion offers the promise of raising the bar in therapeutic outcomes by generating a background of anti-tumor immunity in a broader pool of patients; including many who otherwise would not have responded to checkpoint therapy and strengthening the response for those with preexisting endogenous immunity who would be expected to respond to checkpoint therapy.

“Lifting the Curve” and “Raising the Bar” with OncoQuest’s Combinatorial Immunotherapy

Combination Immunotherapy

Antibodies as immune Modulators: Combination Therapy to Enhance Tumour Specific Immunity and Clinical Outcome

OncoQuest technology platform includes a series of monoclonal antibodies that target several cancer markers such as CA125, MUC1, PSA, CA19.9 and TAG72, and has potential for development in multiple indications.;

Impetus for the immunotherapeutic approach for the treatment of cancer comes from the recent FDA approvals of Dendreon’s Provenge for prostate cancer and Bristol Myers Squib’s Yervoy for melanoma

OncoQuest believes that combinatorial immunotherapy, which exploits the immune modulating effects of selected cytotoxic agents normally used in standard chemotherapy regimens along with specific immune adjuvants, will lead to important commercial applications of the company’s proprietary platform

Clinical trials involving OncoQuest’s lead product, oregovomab, in more than 950 ovarian cancer patients indicate chemo-enhanced immunotherapy results in more vigorous immune response associated with improved survival compared to mono-immunotherapy

OncoQuest has strong patent protection for its chemo-enhanced immunotherapy approach for the treatment of cancer

OncoQuest is currently conducting three carefully planned, risk mitigating confirmatory clinical trials not only to validate the superiority of the combinatorial approach but also to design a definitive product registration study

OncoQuest approach has created an opportunity to mobilize immunity, better, more preciously and for less cost than other methods that are in development and or recently approved.