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PDT Immunotherapy

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Photodynamic therapy (PDT) has been considered as especially suitable for combining with various types of immunotherapy for clinical treatment of targeted lesions such as solid cancers. 

Pre-clinical studies demonstrate that, in addition to the direct local cytotoxicity, PDT can induce host immune responses, which may further enhance the therapeutic effects on the primary tumor as well as metastasis. Therefore, PDT induced antitumor immune response might play an important role in successful control of malignant diseases.

With a strong intellectual property position to use SL052 with immunotherapy, the Company has received encouraging results from its collaborative research agreement with the BC Cancer Agency to investigate the therapeutic and mechanistic aspects of anti-tumor effect achieved in mice by treatment combining photodynamic therapy based on SL052 with various immunotherapeutic agents. The results demonstrate that SL052 is an effective immuno-stimulant when combined with immunotherapy for the removal of solid tumors.